Today we visit Idaho where Amy Wearne runs AIM Nutrition Coaching. Amy quotes Julia Child saying “Find something that you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” Taking this to heart, Amy shifted her career focus from teaching to coaching after becoming ‘a collegiate athlete turned Ironman turned elite CrossFit athlete’. She adds that her ‘desire to understand nutrition for personal growth evolved into sharing her passion and knowledge with others’ and she has been coaching for 7 years.

Let’s see what else Amy has to say.

Tell us about AIM Nutrition Coaching and the services you provide.

AIM is a functional nutrition coaching company that provides support, education, and accountability for our clients so they can make long-term, sustainable, changes to their lifestyle. It’s nutrition tailored to you. By breaking down the complexities of nutrition and pairing macronutrients as a teaching tool and Seismic as our logging and coaching platform, we can offer our clients nutritional support at any stage in their pursuit of improved health. 

What unique voice do you bring to this field? Whether it be qualifications or philosophy?

AIM’s mission is to not only help people find a method for positive changes but also have a positive impact on the way they see themselves. We don’t just coach through data because nutrition is deeper than that and we’re not math problems needing to be solved. People aren’t simple so our approach is behavioral and connection-based. 

How long have you used the Seismic Business Platform?

2 years as of January 2023

How has Seismic increased the value of the services AIM Nutrition Coaching provides?

Seismic elevated the logistics of working with a nutrition coach from a Toyota Tercel to a Cadalic. It made communication, logging, and coaching effortless between coach and client and when people are trying to improve their habits, the last thing they want to be hard, is connecting with their coach. Seismic removed that barrier for our staff at AIM. 

Of all the many features available at Seismic, what are your favorites?

The real time data syncing between MacrosFirst and Seismic.

The ease and efficiency of the check-in process for both the client and the coach. 

How have these features elevated AIM Nutrition Coaching as a business?

Prior to Seismic, our clients had to manually input their daily macro counts into a spreadsheet. This was just one more thing on the client’s plate that was often a sticky spot in collecting well-rounded information from clients.

What words of wisdom about growing a successful business do you have to offer our readers?

Just like nutrition, lower your expectation on how quick you’ll see the success you’re hoping for and raise your expectation of effort, consistency, and commitment. The parallel between a successful nutrition coaching business and quality nutrition is uncanny. Persistence in and dedication to what you truly want and believe in will lead to success, you just have to be willing to keep showing up.


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